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Web Designer / Developer

A passionate full stack developer always looking for the next challenging project. If your on the look for a professional and reliable developer then let’s talk!
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What I can do

I design and build websites whether its a small website or to sell products/services online


Using the latest in web technologies. I enjoy using my creative flare to make websites user interactive

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Content Management System

Prefer a CMS? WordPress, Joomla or a choice of your own depending on your needs then lets talk.

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Are you looking to sell products online or simply want a re-design then I can help boost your website sales

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The basic building block of a website is to begin by using div tags, paragraph tags, with id and classes used throughout all my projects it is the very foundation of a website


Working alongside HTML 5, CSS 3 is the extended addition to css 2 providing alot more features like animation, shadows, rounded corners and transitions. Allowing your website to standout visually.


Database driven application allow you to store and retrieve vast amounts of information. Holding customer details, payment details, address information. Most larger websites will require the use of a database.


Everyone seems to be using it. WordPress is the most widely used cms. I use wordpress in most of my projects the powerful platform allows to install various plugins, themes, even blogs.


My favourite ecommerce platform, this powerful shopping cart platform allows small start up business to a large e-commerce store promote and sell its products and services online, view orders, print, pack and ship.


Used in almost all of the projects I take on. Javascript is where the magic happens providing endless interactivity to user experience. Create functions to manipulate div, create events on the press of a button.


This server side scripting language is a powerful technology which is primarliy used in Web Development allowing forms to communicate with a database.


Used on almost daily basis, a powerful cms platform used to create web pages easily managed by users, editing content and images

Responsive Design

With the use of Mobile devices and tablets web sales and traffic is increased each day. Why not invest some time in having your website responsive viewed on all devices on the go!

What is e-commerce?

The demand for an e-commerce website has increased and become ever so popular, with touch of a button means no need for a shop front. with various e-commerce platforms out there choose one and start your business online, all you need to do is watch the orders come through,pick, pack and ship.