May 4 17



Create eye catching designs

Animation bring your website to life

Animation tells a story

I enjoy telling a story by the way images and text behave on a web page, the animation demonstrated in my interactive resume is using CSS3, HTML, JQuery Libraries and Javascript. I wanted to be able to demonstrate what i do by being more creative and by using such technologies to enhance user interaction. Creating animation is not only fun to do but to leave a lasting impression for users to come back. I use the same methodology in all my projects the process of discussing an idea and by using my skills to make the project come to life.


The first most important process in developing a great website is planning, I always like to spend a little time discussing the ideas.
Putting pen to paper helps to understand the requirements and step by step the project begins to grow.


Once enough information has been provided the design phase begins. I find designing helps to visualize what the end product will look like, this is normally the stage I inform my clients to make any changes.

During the design process huge amount of time is spent on UX and creating wire-frames this is the preliminary stage of the look and feel of the end product. Should the product include responsive design this would be included at this point.


This is the stage where the designs are bought to life. To consider what makes a great looking website requires true skills of a great web designer / developer, attention to eye for detail is very important at this stage.


Once development is complete a thorough test is made to make sure everything comes together. Looking for any bugs in the project is recognized earlier and fixed before launching. This is tested on various browsers.


The biggest relief of the project is to push live, weeks or months of hard work comes to an end and no better feeling to go live. Thousands of questions going through your mind at this stage like is the content right, does the font match up to what was expected. Do the links take you to where they should? Does my website meet accessibility standards. A soft launch is made to get a handful of users to interact before the main big day and fix any bugs or errors. Your website is a reflection of your business and should be up there with the best. The rewards lets go celebrate!